I am not accepting custom requests at this time. I will stock on Hyena Cart as I have openings available. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Nine years ago today 2,996 were lost in the attacks against the US.

We shall never forget
We shall keep this day,
We shall keep the events and the tears
In our minds, our memory and our hearts
and take them with us as we carry on.

Happy Back to School!

The summer has come to a close as we're getting used to the new school routine. I can't believe it! Our 5 year old Jackson has started kindergarten. When did he get so big?! He's doing great so far with the changes. His teacher is wonderful - just the right twist of sweet and firm. She'll get these kids ready for first grade for sure!

We don't have a bus for kindergarten in our district, so I am missing the experience of waving goodbye as he steps on the great big cheese wagon. Instead we hop in the car to drop off and pick up. He was so excited for his first day! Liam misses him during the day but he's quickly getting used to having me to himself. :)

On the work end of things I've been plugging along. August was a very busy month, hopefully you didn't miss the premier stocking at The Fifth Monday! I didn't get a chance to blog about it. The ladies of Universal Mama and Necessitae will join forces each month when a fifth Monday occurs to offer incredible collaborations and the best of our best offerings. I was thrilled to collaborate with Tickety Bu as well as Beach Plum Kids.

With Tickety Bu we offered an ultimate bring home baby set.

and with Beach Plum Kids we created a set perfect for fall. A fleece jacket embellished with a sweet fox along with a Hudson Hat using Western Sky Knits "Foxes" colorway.

As for upcoming stockings I'll be taking a break from my usual haunts while I wrap up my custom waiting list. I appreciate the patience of those of you who are on there! I'll be contact you as I work through the list and keep posted here of my progress. I do have one guest stocking coming up where you'll find something special instock - not for a couple weeks though.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Universal Mama!

And Happy 4th of July while I'm at it!

OK, no excuses from me or blabbering about why I'm not keeping up with posts. Trust I'm busy at work when you don't see posts. ;) I do feel bad though. I'd love to keep up with my blog more. Life is just so busy!

So tomorrow at Hyena Cart we're celebrating Universal Mama's 6th birthday! We have some fun guests joining us including Alfabette Zoope, Healing Pixie, My Beautiful Girl and Wild Child Woolies! All the regulars will be there with a smashing stocking as well.

I'll be offering my first yarn collab with Rainbow Prism along with the artisans of the shop with Rising Sun Earthworks, Nature Baby Knits and Laines Magnifiques. I'm so excited! Here's the yarn!

I'll also be offering some via preorder as well. Can't get by without some knitting though! So to celebrate I thought pulling out the rest of my Elliebelly yarn was in order. There's some Melted Crayon, Crayon, Retro Kitchen and a couple of custom unnamed colorways with coordinating trims. I think they'd make some amazing scrappy longies! Hope you do too.

For some extra fun I decided to pull out all of my yarn from Dashing Dachs. I love knitting it up and couldn't decide what to use, so I'll let you!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey guys! Sorry I skipped off again there. I can't not acknowledge my ignoring the blog. Just know when you're not seeing posting, behind the scenes LOTS is going on. :)

So, we moved! I think we could officially be dubbed gypsies. We found an adorable little place in town ~ the library, pool and playground are across the street. We can walk to the bakery and a little cafe'. It's super cute here! We plan to stay here awhile and when we're ready to move on we'll be looking in town to buy. We're just in love. I've got to snap some pics to share. I'm waiting for that last picture to get hung. ;)

As a family we've been b.u.s.y. Jackson is in teeball and Justin is the coach. Coach Dad! <3 So sweet. Our team is hilarious. There's a couple kids who really get the game and have the knack. They grab the ball out of some kids gloves and do the plays. Of course it's not competitive and score is not kept. Each kiddo gets to round the bases no matter if they're out or not. The league just announced it's time for coach pitch for the second half of the season and I'm so impressed. Each kid is doing so great! Nothing like seeing your little guy wap the ball and run for it. Liam is doing pretty good watching from the sidelines. He wants to play so bad and run out to Dad all the time. So we spend part of the time trying to see the game and the other time trying to keep him out of the creek and poison ivy.

Now that we've been here a month I'm getting my dyeing space set up. It's sweet! We have a mostly finished basement with some natural light, a sink and cabinets. :) It's perfect! Just need a stove down there. I'm really enjoying dyeing some more yarn here and there.

Of course there is no shortage of knitting going on around here. Some of my favorites from the past couple months are these~

With Bugnsugger's "Lawn" I created this kimono for sale at a special stocking Diane invited me to at her shop. The striped longies I made to go with it sold but the kimono didn't find a home right away. Funny thing is I stocked it again at Universal Mama's newborn stocking and added a longies semi-custom to it. The same mama who bought the first longies ended up getting it! <3 They were meant to be together after all. I added some handy dandy removable sleeves and off they went to their home.

Western Sky Knits Beach colorway has and will remain to be one of my most favorite colorways. :) This ruffle adds a sweet girl edge to them without being over the top, ya think?

For Universal Mama's newborn stocking I knit up Dashing Dach's "Granny Smith." Perfectly paired with a Cake lap tee! <3

Here's my dream layette. If we had a reason for a layette. But we don't. So I wasn't too sad to send this on to their expecting owner! Purewool made this awesome new colorway, "Leaves" which Lori from Alfabette Zoope matched and created the sweetest little ::heart feet:: tee. In. Love.

Ack I'm sure making up for lost time huh? A couple more tidbits and then you can move on! There's a couple stockings to let you know about! I have a custom slot stocking at Silly Stripes Shoppe at noon EST tomorrow. And at Universal Mama tonight you can grab some hand-dyed yarn at 10pm EST. Talk to ya soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainy day woes

I should title it rainy weekend actually! We've had something like 4 inches of rain since Friday! Goodness. We lost power on Saturday early evening and much to our dismay it didn't return until Sunday later evening. That was not so fun! Fortunately we have family close by and went over to Mimi and Poppy's for the day on Sunday. Jackson seems to be coming down with cold (as am I with a sore throat here, oh no!). After such a rough and sick winter I have so been looking forward to spring and getting outside, so getting sick again is not exactly what I had in mind. We've got some 60 degree days too which I would hope to be out enjoying. Hopefully the colds will be short lived.

I got myself a new look this weekend! Check me out~

Photo on 2010-03-12 at 23.12

I've always wanted my nose pierced but never got around to it. My husband got me a gift certificate for Valentine's Day... He never goes with anything one would expect! ;) I've been talking about doing it for years, so now I didn't have an excuse. It turned into a sister-in-law even as two of my sis's came with and we all got it done. It was fun! I like it - doesn't hurt a bit!

So I'm sure you want to now about knitting right? ;) Things are coming along! I finished the Leonardo DiCapris (as they've been dubbed!) I'm happy with how they came out and they are on the way to their new owner if not already in their hands.

Dwell Wool Knits "Leonardo"

I had a stocking with For Crying Out Loud on Friday last week for a collaboration with one of Teresa's "Wub Wool" tops. We shipped separately so I don't have a shot of the set together, so you'll have to use your imagination. Here are the Mosaic Moon board shorts I knit up though!

WUB WOOL collab with FCOL

On the needles currently is a newborn set I'm knitting with Mosaic Moon's Seadragon. I'll have some shots to take of my progress soon!