I am not accepting custom requests at this time. I will stock on Hyena Cart as I have openings available. 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

How's this for progress?

Have I not shared finished projects in this long??? Oh dear! Some of my favorite I've had the pleasure to knit are included in that past month or two here.

Some itty bitty scrappy pants.

For the generous mama who was the high bidder on the auction for Colleen of Spiffy Knits benefit. She won Western Sky Knits "Buckaroo" colorway. So much fun!

Finally finished these for Liam! It's Peace, Baby dyed by Western Sky Knits.

"Ella Elephants" for Kelly.

WWBN's "Coffee with Extra Cream" for Flip Skip Jump's Shannon in the most awesome trade ever! She did up a couple amazing art cases for Liam and Jackson which have proven to be a new favorite here. :)

Finally these fun girly scrappy pants for Heather.

Phew! So I'm plugging away still! I'm working on the legs for Buffy's boyish scrappy pants. Can't wait to share when they're done.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Our boys loved spending theirs at their Mimi and Poppy's. They were wrestled down the steps on Christmas morning and when they finally saw the tree and gifts their mouths dropped open. It was so fun!

Best wishes and many blessing for a healthy New Year! We'll be trekking down to my brother's in VA on Tuesday night through the weekend. I'll be bringing some fun knitting with me! Not to worry! ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sick camp

I'm sad to report that I've been slowed down a bit due to the sickies. Jackson has got bronchitis and Liam and I are sick now too. Even Justin is coughing. I'm sorry to report this and am grateful to you mamas who know just what it's like to care for babes while sick and keep things running.

Here's where I'm at with customs:
SL: Buckaroo shipped today
K: Your Ella Elephant longies are drying
L: Sushi is still in progress, thanks for your patience love! I'm about to begin the gusset
S: Waistband complete on Coffee with Extra Cream

H: girly scrappies
B: boy scrappies
Both of those will cast on this weekend and be worked on throughout next week. :)

I'm waiting on Foxes for you N and will let you know when it arrives.

C - your Mowie Wowie arrived in today's mail. Gorgeous! You got an email from me today.

V - after Christmas I'll begin your scrappies. :)

And L - I just emailed you about Granny Smith! :)

Is that everybody?? I hope! I'm taking this sicky to bed now. 'Night!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ummm, where did November go??

Today is the last day of November?!? What.on.earth. Who pressed fast forward? Seriously. I am SO in denial here.

Well I thought I'd have more done in the month of November. Moving has obviously slowed me down and I am really sorry to you mamas who are SO patiently waiting for your customs. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel though, so that is reasurring! However, I will not be taking on more customs for a while in order to get caught up here. I want to concentrate on stocking semi-customs and ready knits in my store and maybe even knit for myself *gasp!* and my family. I feel like I've stressed myself out with all the work on my plate right now. But doesn't that happen to us no matter what we have going on? If it isn't this, it'd be something else for me I think. ;)

I finished up a couple projects - Ammie - your Hadassah longies are dry and will ship out Monday. Here they are! I just enjoy knitting up yarn dyed by Lamar from A Time to Dye! What talent!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is the FUNNIEST!

Justin put Jackson down to bed tonight and the following conversation took place.

Jackson yawned.
Justin yawned.
Justin says, "Hey Jack, you just made me yawn! Did you know yawning is contagious?"
Jackson, "No it's not Dad. Yawn is made of wool!"

Clearly he spends a lot of time with his mama. I just love that! Oh, and we always thought Jackson spoke with a Boston accent...

Scrappy Dwell Longies on Black Friday!

I had so much fun doing the scrappy pants that I decided to offer a custom pair for sale on Black Friday. I have lots of leftovers - what better way to clear some of them up!

So check out my shop on Hyena Cart at 1 p.m. on Friday to grab them up!

Some finished projects

November is a busy month! As we're settling in I'm finding my groove. I'm not finding the same amount of time I once had, but I'm working on it! Forgive me for slowing down a little.

I finished up some gorgeous longies for some very patient mamas.

Sushi by Dyeing to Fly

Race Cars by Stitches Under the Sun

And lastly a pair of scrappy pants.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We made it in

Alrighty! Here I am! We successfully made the move! It's been a transistion this past week, that is one thing that is for certain. Sharing a home with another family has it's challenges, but we'll get into our groove soon. Daylight's savings couldn't have come at a worse weekend. I totally forgot it was the weekend we moved in. So the boys are all out of sorts with the time change and new home, but are doing well with going with the flow. It's me who needs to work on that! My nature is to be organized and I don't always deal so well with chaos. Please forgive me for customs slowing down. It's going to be a little rough here and there and I don't have the same time I did to knit before. I'll be online less too as the boys need more hand-holding around. But we'll get there! I'm just so thankful we have Justin's parents who opened their door to us so we didn't have to rush into a home that wouldn't have been right for us. We'll be able to really save money too which will be fantastic.

So right now I'm working on a few customs on the list. It's slow going but it's going. I promise. I have Dyeing to Fly's "Sushi Sonnets", Yarnoodles "Sushi" and Stitches Under the Sun "Little Cars" on the needles. I'm casting on a scrappy pair as well this weekend and will rotate throughout to get these all finished up. Sushi Sonnets is furthest along and I have a photo to share of them. They're a lot of fun!

One huge blessing about staying in this home is how beautiful it is here. The home is on an acre - a far cry from our townhouse! We go out on the deck in the morning and say hi to the birds and help to feed them. The boys are loving it and I am too. Here's Liam in his new scrappy pants I had done.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

ooops! one more thing!

Please go check the wonderful benefit going on at Tiny Lady Cooperative. It's running until Nov. 4th. My heart is heavy, but I was so glad to be able to partake in the auctions. Kim from WSK dyed up some beautiful yarn to match the adorable Wild West print Goodmama. I'll be knitting up the yarn custom for the highest bidder. Here is the collaboration I am part of. All proceeds from the benefit go toward a college fund for Colleen's children. You can read about Colleen here. Rest in peace Colleen.

Before I unplug

Tomorrow is moving day! Why am I sitting here blogging? (shhh, I'm avoiding my work and procrastinating!) I still have quite a bit to do. Ya know all that little stuff? Drives me nuts! I am *this close* to just chucking it. I think I might.

So I'll probably be offline for a couple days and pretty tied up with getting situated. Again to recap - we're moving in with my husbands very generous parents for a few months while we sort out where we'll be looking to buy, rather than rushing in to something. I'm hoping to get in the groove of things pretty quickly and will hop right back in my customs list and clean that out. The list will remain closed until that happens. Once I reopen in January I'll have a new approach to DWK and hope to actually STOCK my hyena cart. What a concept! Ha! I think that will be my New Year's resolution! That was easy. And it usually takes me so long to think of something.

I had a little time in between organizing and packing up that I took advantage of to knit Liam some woolies. Finally! He deserves some love too, right?

I had lots of scraps leftover so I made him some Scrappy Woolies. What fun! I am in love with how they came out!

I totally slacked on getting this photo up, but here is Three Irish Girls "Nora" that I knit up for a great lady! I'm so digging the ruffle like that.

Also finished up these. Dashing Dach's Guppy. I am in looooove with Stallion Merino. I need more! *drooool*

Well we'll see you when we get there!

Friday, October 17, 2008


The last custom from iCrave has been finished and sent out the door today! Western Sky Knits "Foxes" colorway (which I'm in loooooove with and will be knitting some of it up for my own little dude!) This is dyed by Kim on WSK's yummy BFL Rodeo yarn. Yummmm! So soft and a quick knit.

The lighting is a little better in the second picture, which I took yesterday. :)

Going forward from here will be interesting! I have 2 more weeks in our home before we move in with my in-laws for a time while we figure out where to go from here since MT fell through (sob!). Before moving (with all my spare time!) I hope to complete Nora and possibly one other custom - Sushi Sonnets or Ellowen. I still have to pack and with Mr. Dwell's crazy work schedule it's pretty much on my shoulders and the little dudes are better at scattering things rather than organizing. So thanks for baring with me!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Woodland Goodness!

I'm in love!!! Morwenna is amazing - I swear she rocks my socks off. This is Mosaic Moon's "Woodland Tale." Remember that fun stocking on iCrave a couple weeks back? I finished up the first longies for the set done with the amazingly talented Shannon from Flip, Skip, Jump. I just adore the little ruffle that says "just girly enough!" So Steph, they'll be on their way tomorrow!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Squash Blossoms"

What a cute name, "Squash Blossoms"! I just have to smile when I say it. This yarn was dyed by Candypants Yarn - what a neat colorway! Totally perfect for fall. This yarn was sent to me by a customer to knit up. Here I thought they could ship tomorrow - but shoot! It's Columbus Day! So they will go out first thing Tuesday for you mama!

I am having a time with my camera lens. It's the zoom lens and is sloooow - it's hard not to get a blurry shot - I think I want to try to reshoot these tomorrow since they can spend another day with me. My regular 35-55mm lens is in with Nikon being repaired. *cry* I should get it back in a couple more weeks. They said a month and it already feels like forever.

Well we'll see how productive I am the next few days. Mr. Dwell Wool is away fishing for a few days. He deserves the break (I guess...) so it's just me with the little dudes (and our monstrous man-eating dog if anyone is thinking about visting!) . The evenings are nice and quiet, which is lovely. I'm not being tortured with the usual barrage of sports every night that seem to ALWAYS be on. Not that I can't root for our home team, I'll jump on the bandwagon, but I'm not so much into the sports watching if I can help it. ;) Just me and Heroes tomorrow night. Can't wait!

What else? Oooh! I have to share how this lovely yarn is knitting up. This is Mosaic Moon's "Woodland Tale." I am loving seeing this take shape! I also cast on Western Sky Knits "Foxes" dyed by Kim. I'm going back down to continue working on it now! Thanks for being patient all you wonderful customers!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Summer Storm

Finally this custom for a wonderful friend and WAHM is complete! She sent this lovely yarn for me to knit into some girly ruffled longies. Forever ago we did a trade and she was just beyond patient in waiting for these.

The colorway is Summer Storm dyed by Colleen of Spiffy Knits. I feel blessed to have touched some fiber dyed by Colleen's hands. While I don't know Colleen personally, I know she has touched the lives of many. She has been diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer on October 28, a benefit will take place at Tiny Lady Cooperative, where she worked alongside many talented WAHM's on Hyena Cart. My heart goes out to Colleen and her family and I can only encourage you to visit the benefit and help to celebrate Colleen.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A custom colorway and a change of plans

This colorway was is probably one of my favorites I've ever done! I just love the effect of the flecks of color throughout. The yarn was dyed by Joyce of Elliebelly. Just lovely I think. It was hard to truly capture the depth of all the colors. The photo of them folded up probably captures it most accurately.

Well I was hoping to be further along in my customs. It's just one thing that is really hard to predict in advance! But I'm close! I have two pair left to finish before I get to the two I have slated for October. This month is going to be very busy for us with the move.

Speaking of the move... I am crushed to share this, but this is the best place to do it. We are still moving, but not to Montana right now. With the given state of the economy and the field my husband works, it is too much of a gamble to relocate and branch off of his company right now. Where does that leave us? Well our home has sold... So we will be moving in with my husbands parents for a short time to see how things play out. We still plan to make the move and just consider it delayed right now. It's terribly disappointing, but I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to be able to lean on his parents right now.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Run Fox Run on Cestari Fine Merino

I just love this colorway by Teresa from In Stitches. This is the second time I knit up her 'Run Fox, Run' and it was just as much a joy! The Cestari Merino is a nice weight of wool and hard wearing, it'll hold up well. I hope they will be enjoyed!

On the home front we've been busy organizing. I'm blessed with wonderful in-laws who can help us out. Tonight they're taking the boys overnight for a sleep over so I have all day tomorrow to work. Shall I knit or pack? Maybe some of both...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome fall with some fun!

It's fall! Where did summer go? It's a welcome here, it was a hot summer. I'm enjoying a cool breeze through my window right now and it feels so refreshing!

What better way to welcome fall than with a special Woodland-theme stocking!? The girls from iCrave asked me to join them and I couldn't turn them down. The creativity there just hums! You can feel it!

Here's a look at what is going to be offered. There will be a little something for the girls and the boys using wonderful yarn. A couple semi-customs and one set that is ready to go! It's all stocking Friday the 26th at 12p.m. Please join us!

With the amazing Shannon of Flip, Skip, Jump a hand appliqued round neck top,soft sloe shoes, and appliqued t-shirt paired with this gorgeous yarn by Mosaic Moon in the 'Woodland Tale' colorway.

Lauren from Apple Bottom Baby made this perfect round-necked top to match Sugar and Spice Knits "Maple Tree" colorway. I heard Lauren's making a matching diaper in this print too! How adorable!

And lastly I'll custom knit this gorgeous yarn dyed by Kim from Western Sky Knits in the 'Foxes' colorway. There's a matching top to complete the set made by Meagan from Patchwork Pixie. I love this fabric the colorway is inspired from! It's Heather Ross's new line called 'Rabbits and Race-cars'. How precious!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Been a long time waiting...

Dear Samantha,

You, my dear, had faith. You had patience. Now, I am SO pleased to tell you... *drum roll*... that your longies are complete!!! A little back story on Samantha (if you don't mind me sharing...) Samantha had made a post on diaperswappers.com asking about Silver Rainbow - the colorway dyed by Wooly Wonders by Nada. I was getting ready to make a custom order from them (back in March?? April??) I messaged her offering to add on to my custom if she didn't mind the wait. Well! Wait it was!!! The custom took quite some time to get to me and I got a bit busy with more customs during that wait. So thank you, Samantha, for being so patient. I do hope that these will get to be enjoyed for quite some time.

A little funny - I almost sent them with a whoopsie! I knit an extra row of seed stitch at the bottom of the cuff and didn't notice until I took a photo. All fixed now!!! So these will be on their way to you tomorrow!

Friday, September 19, 2008

A couple customs

I finished up a custom order for two longies this week - finally it seems! With this move and selling our home, it's definitely limiting my knitting time. My mother-in-law is coming over today to so generously help me with watching the boys to free me to go through things to eliminate what we are not taking to MT. I'm so thankful!!! But would you know it, I'm feeling pulled to knit and keep moving through the list! September is creeping by quickly and I'm thinking that a couple things promised in Sept might be more like Oct. But I'm trying! You should see the knitting callous I have on my finger! (Is that normal??!)

So here are a couple pairs of Three Irish Girls colorways sent to me by a really sweet customer. The first is the colorway "Adara." What wonderful fall colors! The second is "Maureen." Love how it came out! Thanks for being so patient Amanda!!!

Also on the needles is Wooly Wonders by Nada's "Silver Rainbow." I am in.love with this colorway. I am hoping a little bit that the customer does not like them so we can keep them. :)

I just began another lovely Three Irish Girls colorway, "Nora." I love the colors in this one and am excited to see it work up! And LASTLY (lol) I am working on something for a fall-themed stocking coming up next week. Must finish that and get it out the door asap!

So you can see why I feel like I need to knit while my mom watches the boys!!!