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Monday, May 5, 2008

customs updates and the boys

I finished these shorties up for a special little girl with excellent taste and style. I think she's going to rock these shorties dyed by Three Irish Girls in the colorway "Alice." The colorway was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland." Love it!

I'm working on Meg's customs right now and here's where I'm at with the "Bananafish" ones. I secretly want to keep them for Liam.

Speaking of Liam, here is the youngest of my little guys. Just so you can match a face with a name. ;)

And because Big Brother can't be left out - here's Jackson with "Frog." They are inseparable. 

I wish these sweet babies were ours! How fun would it be if I could have my own sheep to sheer and spin my own wool? *dreaming* These sweet little babies were born at Cuttalossa Farm in Buck's County, PA. We went to visit the farm a couple weeks ago. The boy's had a blast watching the lambs and taking in the sights. Here's a link to the picturesque farm. I'm sad that I can't quite capture the beauty with my old digital camera. 

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