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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spiffy shorts!

The "Vespa" shorties for Jess are finished! This yarn was dyed by Spiffy Knits and I just adore it. I'm pleased with how these came out and I hope Jess is too!

I had fun taking shots with my camera too. I hope there is a marked improvement in the quality of my photographs. Do ya think?

I didn't add the trim bottom of these shorties because I need to work on how to weave in all the extra ends when I do that. I made a practice pair for Liam that are currently drying. (don't ask when on earth I fit that in!) I'll share how those came out later. I'm happier how they are hidden now, so I'll take it on again with my next customs. Speaking of which, my next project, "Hadassah" is calling me...


Lamar said...

The Vespa turned out great, and I saw your Hadassah progress. Looks wonderful. (fwiw- it's actually just Rambouillet, not Marr Haven yarn. ;)

Andrea said...

Duh! Thanks Lamar! I don't know why I wrote that? Too many late nights knitting has confused my brain. ;)