I am not accepting custom requests at this time. I will stock on Hyena Cart as I have openings available. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Ruth" take 2 and a trip to CA

I was glad to have enough leftover yarn to knit up these shorties for a great friend. :) Tina, you were so patient in waiting for these! I hope you love them and thank you for having me knit for you. I enjoyed every stitch!

Now I'm on to knit for another very patient mama! Bella, I cast on "Kelp Forest" today and finished the waistband so far. :)

Just to note - I'll be out of town for my brother's wedding in CA from Thursday-Sunday. I won't have internet access to answer emails while I"m gone. I'll be taking some work with me and hopefully will return with some finished projects. It's a long plane ride! I'll be back on Monday and will catch up with everyone then! Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sister capri's!

Shawnah, I hope the girls have lots of fun in these, because these capris demand lots of fun to be hand in!!!

The colorway is "Quinn" dyed by Three Irish Girls on Lindon Merino.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The dragonfly and "Eden"!

Sweet completion! This little bugger was fun, albeit tedious to make. Not sure how many of these we'll see.. It's too cute to deny though, so I'm sure some will pop in here and there!

Here are Emma's new "Eden" shorties. They will be sent off together today! I'll cast on her second pair of "Dogwood" shorties this weekend.

As for everything in the works right now, here's an update.

Shawnah: Sydney's "Quinn" ruffled capris just need a drawstring and ends woven in. Last night I just started the leg on Hannah's matching capri's, so they will be completed by this weekend and mailed off together on Monday. Thank you for your patience!!!

Tina, I'm working on Alyse's "Ruth" shorties and will make lots of headway this weekend. I've just started working the short rows, so I'd say they are 30% complete.

Bella, you are next up and I'll be casting on "Kelp Forest" and "Saltwater Taffy" next week.

Things kind of took a back seat for a few days as Jackson, our 3.5 y/o got a neck injury. Poor little dude couldn't even stand up without excruciating pain. :( He's doing a little better today, but is walking around with his head tilted to one side and shoulder hunched up. He pulled a muscle somehow and we've been doing heat compresses and massage to relax the muscle. Isn't he too young to have thrown his neck out?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a lucky day for somebody!

OK, we had the drawing and then had to get the little bugger to bed, so here we go!

drum roll please....

It's Keli!!!! The toy is a knit dragonfly!!! It's not complete yet, I have to get filling for it still, and attach it's extremities. The body is a pretty lime green and the wings are knit with A Time to Dye's "Eden" colorway, which happens to be the colorway of Keli's custom shorties!

Dang girl, it's your lucky day, 'cause look what else is ready!!! I took this pic before finishing the i-cord. I'll get a better one tomorrow for you. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Want something knit for free?!

I have an idea, and kind of a test. I see that I have a bunch of visitors on here, but no one says anything... Hello? Anyone out there? ;) So what I want to try out is to do a freebie contest for a little knit toy. It will have wings, and is typically found outdoors, that's your hint. If you want to guess, go ahead. I'll give it a week from today, to be precise, 8pm EST on June 17th. Just leave a comment to this thread and I will have Jackson, my 3 y/o helper, choose the winner out of a hat. OK, go! :)

multi-tasking and other news

I'm trying a new approach to knitting my customs. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think this will speed up my turnaround for everyone involved and make you happy. So I have one of the capris I'm knitting for Shawnah's little girl's on the needles right now, along with a pair of shorties for Keli's little girl. What I did was knit the waistband for the capris and then moved on to Keli's custom. After finishing the waistband for Keli's, I went back to Shawnah's to work on the body some and then swapped again. Get the idea? I'm not quite sure if this is making me feel like I'm getting more done or rather getting me nowhere fast? But it keeps things interesting for me anyway! Sometimes it gets monotonous knitting the same thing, so to flip flop is more fun for me.

So in other news, my wonderful friend Keli of Sugarlump Boutique has been helping me create my Hyena Cart. She's amazing! How do you like the logo? See that little baby under the tree? That's Liam! See, Keli is a superstar. That's my favorite aspect of the logo. Thank you Keli! So my HC is almost complete, check it out: Dwell Wool Knits Any feedback from whoever looks on here would be awesome. ;) I'm thinking about ideas of what to do with my first stocking... Something FFS, something lottery style, a custom or two, and I have some little toys I plan to knit. Fun!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just for fun

Liam had a pair of longies knit up for him using Selah's "Conor." I bought the yarn when I was still a very new knitter, and was too intimidated to work it up myself, not being experienced enough for such a fine wool. ;) It's only released once a year, so I new this yarn was special!

This colorway is favorite of anything Liam has knit up. And I was very sad when our cold weather ended and I new Liam wouldn't be fitting into them once the cold came back. So what did I do? I frogged them! I had a pile of ramen noodle looking yarn. Eek! But I was determined. I used the little bit of leftovers that were sent along with the longies and then recycled the used yarn into shorts. Voila!



And I just have to give a shout out to Lindsay from Cake. She was super kind enough to send me her yarn to knit up and test for me and we agreed to do a trade for payment. (I just love bartering!) I picked some fabrics and she created an awesome prefold/shirt set for Liam. I'm in love! It's my favorite thing in my cloth diapering stash to date! The shirt so happens to PERFECTLY match the Conor Shorties. So here it all is an action. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

The girls are in the house!

I have not had a shortage of girls to knit for from the looks of it! I am in love with A Time to Dye. Lamar is amazing! This is her "Ruth" colorway for a custom I did. Anita, these are in their bath lanolizing and with the weather we have I'm sure they'll be dry to ship tomorrow. I hope you are happy with how they turned out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lindsay's "Spring Rainbow" shorties

I shipped Lindsay's shorties for CL on Tuesday. These were a long time coming for her and I so appreciate your patience. The biggest part of the wait was for the yarn, so I guess both of us had to patient. So here they are! I'm currently working on Anita's "Ruth" shorties, so keep your eyes out.