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Friday, June 20, 2008

The dragonfly and "Eden"!

Sweet completion! This little bugger was fun, albeit tedious to make. Not sure how many of these we'll see.. It's too cute to deny though, so I'm sure some will pop in here and there!

Here are Emma's new "Eden" shorties. They will be sent off together today! I'll cast on her second pair of "Dogwood" shorties this weekend.

As for everything in the works right now, here's an update.

Shawnah: Sydney's "Quinn" ruffled capris just need a drawstring and ends woven in. Last night I just started the leg on Hannah's matching capri's, so they will be completed by this weekend and mailed off together on Monday. Thank you for your patience!!!

Tina, I'm working on Alyse's "Ruth" shorties and will make lots of headway this weekend. I've just started working the short rows, so I'd say they are 30% complete.

Bella, you are next up and I'll be casting on "Kelp Forest" and "Saltwater Taffy" next week.

Things kind of took a back seat for a few days as Jackson, our 3.5 y/o got a neck injury. Poor little dude couldn't even stand up without excruciating pain. :( He's doing a little better today, but is walking around with his head tilted to one side and shoulder hunched up. He pulled a muscle somehow and we've been doing heat compresses and massage to relax the muscle. Isn't he too young to have thrown his neck out?

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Samantha said...

Those are beautiful! I hope Jackson is feeling a bit better. It's so sad when the little ones get injured!