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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just for fun

Liam had a pair of longies knit up for him using Selah's "Conor." I bought the yarn when I was still a very new knitter, and was too intimidated to work it up myself, not being experienced enough for such a fine wool. ;) It's only released once a year, so I new this yarn was special!

This colorway is favorite of anything Liam has knit up. And I was very sad when our cold weather ended and I new Liam wouldn't be fitting into them once the cold came back. So what did I do? I frogged them! I had a pile of ramen noodle looking yarn. Eek! But I was determined. I used the little bit of leftovers that were sent along with the longies and then recycled the used yarn into shorts. Voila!



And I just have to give a shout out to Lindsay from Cake. She was super kind enough to send me her yarn to knit up and test for me and we agreed to do a trade for payment. (I just love bartering!) I picked some fabrics and she created an awesome prefold/shirt set for Liam. I'm in love! It's my favorite thing in my cloth diapering stash to date! The shirt so happens to PERFECTLY match the Conor Shorties. So here it all is an action. :)

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popt_art said...

Oh wow!
That's funny too because I was just wondering if it was even possible to do something like that, you've answered my question and I didn't even have to ask it! :D so efficient.