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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A little unexpectedness

Such is life! I got a call from my big brother yesterday informing me that he was going to be coming up from VA either tonight or tomorrow morning. And staying as late as Wednesday. Oh! Ok! Umm.... So I look around and see cluttered piles scattered about and think how the bathrooms need cleaning and the whole house just needs a pick up and cleaning overall. Then I look at my knitting list. Shoot. What's a girl to do? Well I'm observing that life won't stop so I can knit and am taking relief in the fact that fall isn't here yet. Those longies will be at your doorstep before we have any frost, I promise ladies! Unless of course we have some freakish frost spell in August - and then that wouldn't count. ;)

I'm going to work on what I can while he's here. Right now on the needles I have Keli's Dogwood capris. They just need some legs and they'll be all set. And the At the Zoo longies are 85% complete. They just need a second leg. So we're looking good. I'm waiting on some various measurements from some of you and once I get them I'll be able to keep moving through the list in order.

Some good news to report - I heard from Wooly Wonders by Nada, my yarn is en route from Canada! *happy dance!* I can't wait to barrage you with photos when it arrives. My yarn stash is currently a work in progress right now. I have taken photos of what I have and will organize them in a couple galleries. One gallery that will be available to chose from for customs. And I'll keep a second gallery for yarn that I plan to use for Hyena Cart stockings. Keep your peepers peeled!


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