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Saturday, July 5, 2008


Where have I been!?

OK, so I've been busy working. It's been a little more difficult the past few days though, because apparently with all my luck I came home from CA with vertigo! Yay! Not really. I feel like I've finally gotten back to east coast time and the dizziness is starting to subside. I've been a knitting fool every spare moment I find when the boys aren't needing me.

I'm glad to say that the TSA did not confiscate my knitting needles when I went through security. Woo hoo! It would have been a very long and boring flight had they.. They let me take scissors too! Shocking. Anyway, while gone on my trip I finished these board shorties for Liam that I've been working on forever. Kim of Western Sky Knits dyed up it up for me. I just love her! The colorway is called "Beach." I am in love with it! I'm a beach girl if you know me so these colors just call to me, and will be perfect on my little beach bum boy.

In progress and almost complete is "Kelp Forest" and "Salt Water Taffy" for Bella. Leidy of Western Sky Knits dyed these colorways up for my customer. So kind of her! Here's a peek of Kelp Forest ~ they still need their cargo pockets and drawstring. I'm about 2 inches down the first leg of Salt Water Taffy, so these should be finished up this weekend and on their way to their new home in Ireland by Tuesday. Yay!

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