I am not accepting custom requests at this time. I will stock on Hyena Cart as I have openings available. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Hunter" is done! Cutoms updates and fluffy mail

I completed the "Hunter" longies a few days ago. Little slow on the updates here, sorry about that. Longest inseam to date! Check those babies out! Oh, and the yarn is dyed by Western Sky Knits. :) I think it was on purewool? The customer sent the yarn to me so I'm not 100% sure.

An update on Run Fox, Run. I have two customs going with this colorway right now. This one is the pair that sold at auction for the benefit for Katie of Ewe Need It. I looove how it's knitting up. I hope the mama does too! The other pair, well, I can't say the same nice things. They have been frogged completely from a point of being 50% complete. *sob* It's ok, they will be reincarnated and be much better than before! They just need a couple measurement changes. It's good to remember that no two colorways will be 100% the same, and no two will knit up the same due to being different sizes. That's the beauty of hand dyed yarn. Keep life interesting for me too when I come across repeats. :)

And here, here is my glorious yarn from Mosaic Moon for a cooperative I got in on. It was such a fast turn around! A couple of the colorways are already spoken for. You'll see some great things from one of them in particular very soon!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Rainbow Invitation!

Monica of Little Bear Knitwear is one of my most favoritist people! I got an invitation to be a guest over at Sympatico, and it worked out perfectly that I could join them for their Rainbow stocking next week! I had purchased this "Choco Rainbow" yarn from Western Sky Knits and asked Kim to dye some matching trim for it with the intention of knitting Liam some shorties, but never quite got to it. So what perfect timing!

The yarn needed a new home and Sympatico needed some knit rainbow colorways. Match made in heaven! They're just itty bitty sized - perfect for a new baby boy or girl! I love how the touch of colorway on the cuffs came out like a rainbow. How cute! I wish I had time to do some more, but this will have to work for now. Maybe sometime I can join them again *hint hint*!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Mosaic Moon!

Between Mosaic Moon's yarn and Western Sky Knits, you must wonder if I ever work with anything else! I do. I promise. ;) This yarn was sent to from a customer. It's Mosaic Moon's Uruguay Merino in the colorway "Pixie Dust." I really enjoyed working with the yarn, it knit up so smoothly. I hope you enjoy them for your daughter Beth! They are dry and will be shipping today!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mosaic Moon is da' bomb

It never ceases to amaze me at how talented Morwenna from Mosaic Moon is. Her colorways are so original! This colorway is called "Dragon's Lair" dyed on her lovely and squishy soft Blue Faced Leicester yarn. I love working with Mosiac Moon yarns. Need I say more? lol The trim is dyed perfectly to match by Kim from Western Sky Knits. It completes my favorite look for knitting woolies! I'd have been lost without the trim.

I hope Shah'ada enjoys these woolies for her little man!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Works in Progress

Just wanted to share what I've got working on the needles!

Shah'ada's Dragon's Lair longies:

Beth's Pixie Dust longies:

and a little sumthin' sumthin' for a Rainbow stocking I'm guesting at. More details to come!

Here's everything together~

Here's the completed and drawstring-attached capris for little Miss Emma! They shipped out yesterday Keli!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Keli's Dogwood capris

Keli - your capris are drying as I type this. I'm still working on the icord, but here they are! They'll ship on Monday. I'll get a new photo of them all dressed up with their drawstring before they go. :) And if you are wondering, this lovely colorway is Teresa of In Stitches "Dogwood Variation" on BBR. Awesome yarn! Seriously the most durable for an active babe. I was super excited to score this yarn from iCrave's Mother's Day stocking.

Isn't it purdy!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Some progress and other big news

Here is about where I am with Shah'ada's longies for her sweet little man. I LOOOVE how this colorway is knitting up. It's Mosiac Moon's "Dragon's Lair." Rockin'. Totally. I'm really stoked I have more on order from a co op.

In other news.... drum roll.....

The Wooly Wonders by Nada yarn has arrived!!!! I had a little scare when I saw the box was ripped, but it appears everything is there. Lots of loveliness. I'll be updating photos soon! I don't think I'll be getting to dig in quite yet though as there's lots of customs to work through first.

Speaking of work, I've been doing some thinking. In the best interest of me the knitter and you the customer, I will be firmly closing my customs list. A couple mamas who have not been in touch and have not paid deposits sadly have to wait until I re open again for customs. I'm not to sure when that will be. Lots of things are going on at our home and the big news is that Justin (that's the DH) is going to be relocating his job almost cross-country. Soon. Soon as in this fall. Most likely end Oct/early Nov. Ack!!! It's kind of unexpected, so I'm still in a state of shock and am feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed with my work load. This job is a job I take very seriously and am passionate about. I'm in for the long haul guys. So this will be a set back. I was looking forward to stocking my store but it looks like that will be on hold until we relocate and get settled. Family comes first and there's really no working around that. I'm glad I have time to finish my current list and really am excited to get back going with stocking my Hyena Cart store once we are settled in. I will keep everyone updated! If you have any questions about where things stand please email me at dwellwoolknits AT gmail.com. Thanks!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"At the Zoo"

I just adore this colorway Kim from Western Sky Knits dyed. It's called "At the Zoo" and this is the yarn she so generously donated for my grand opening. I wanted to pay it forward and knit them completely free to the lottery winner. Lucky mama! I wish I could have entered to win. ;)

Doesn't Liam look like he wanted them to? What a pouty face!

I'm still worked on Keli's Dogwood capris - one more leg to go, and I cast on Shah'ada's "Dragon's Lair" longies tonight. I'm going all out of order if you are wondering. ;) Measurements ladies! ;)

I'm hoping tomorrow will be the big fluffy day from Wooly Wonders by Nada! I keep obsessively checking the mail. I wish you could get tracking for international packages.

Work has been slowish while my family is in town, but I'm still working when I can. Speed will pick back up after Thursday. Not that I'm in rush for them to go though! I'm loving spending time with them and Jackson is really enjoying his cousins. It's so fun for him!