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Sunday, August 3, 2008

"At the Zoo"

I just adore this colorway Kim from Western Sky Knits dyed. It's called "At the Zoo" and this is the yarn she so generously donated for my grand opening. I wanted to pay it forward and knit them completely free to the lottery winner. Lucky mama! I wish I could have entered to win. ;)

Doesn't Liam look like he wanted them to? What a pouty face!

I'm still worked on Keli's Dogwood capris - one more leg to go, and I cast on Shah'ada's "Dragon's Lair" longies tonight. I'm going all out of order if you are wondering. ;) Measurements ladies! ;)

I'm hoping tomorrow will be the big fluffy day from Wooly Wonders by Nada! I keep obsessively checking the mail. I wish you could get tracking for international packages.

Work has been slowish while my family is in town, but I'm still working when I can. Speed will pick back up after Thursday. Not that I'm in rush for them to go though! I'm loving spending time with them and Jackson is really enjoying his cousins. It's so fun for him!

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Monica said...

Liam is *adorable*! I do think he want's some "at the zoo" longies. ;) He's got good taste! lol