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Friday, August 8, 2008

Some progress and other big news

Here is about where I am with Shah'ada's longies for her sweet little man. I LOOOVE how this colorway is knitting up. It's Mosiac Moon's "Dragon's Lair." Rockin'. Totally. I'm really stoked I have more on order from a co op.

In other news.... drum roll.....

The Wooly Wonders by Nada yarn has arrived!!!! I had a little scare when I saw the box was ripped, but it appears everything is there. Lots of loveliness. I'll be updating photos soon! I don't think I'll be getting to dig in quite yet though as there's lots of customs to work through first.

Speaking of work, I've been doing some thinking. In the best interest of me the knitter and you the customer, I will be firmly closing my customs list. A couple mamas who have not been in touch and have not paid deposits sadly have to wait until I re open again for customs. I'm not to sure when that will be. Lots of things are going on at our home and the big news is that Justin (that's the DH) is going to be relocating his job almost cross-country. Soon. Soon as in this fall. Most likely end Oct/early Nov. Ack!!! It's kind of unexpected, so I'm still in a state of shock and am feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed with my work load. This job is a job I take very seriously and am passionate about. I'm in for the long haul guys. So this will be a set back. I was looking forward to stocking my store but it looks like that will be on hold until we relocate and get settled. Family comes first and there's really no working around that. I'm glad I have time to finish my current list and really am excited to get back going with stocking my Hyena Cart store once we are settled in. I will keep everyone updated! If you have any questions about where things stand please email me at dwellwoolknits AT gmail.com. Thanks!!!


Monica said...

Oh my! That colorway is **gorgeous**! I'm regretting not getting that one!
I'm so excited for your family's upcoming excitement. We moved a lot while I was growing up and I loved it. Also, we'll be closer now! lol

Ghan Family said...

I LOVE the longies!!! They are knitting up perfectly beautiful!!!! EEK!! Thanks Andrea!