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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Before I unplug

Tomorrow is moving day! Why am I sitting here blogging? (shhh, I'm avoiding my work and procrastinating!) I still have quite a bit to do. Ya know all that little stuff? Drives me nuts! I am *this close* to just chucking it. I think I might.

So I'll probably be offline for a couple days and pretty tied up with getting situated. Again to recap - we're moving in with my husbands very generous parents for a few months while we sort out where we'll be looking to buy, rather than rushing in to something. I'm hoping to get in the groove of things pretty quickly and will hop right back in my customs list and clean that out. The list will remain closed until that happens. Once I reopen in January I'll have a new approach to DWK and hope to actually STOCK my hyena cart. What a concept! Ha! I think that will be my New Year's resolution! That was easy. And it usually takes me so long to think of something.

I had a little time in between organizing and packing up that I took advantage of to knit Liam some woolies. Finally! He deserves some love too, right?

I had lots of scraps leftover so I made him some Scrappy Woolies. What fun! I am in love with how they came out!

I totally slacked on getting this photo up, but here is Three Irish Girls "Nora" that I knit up for a great lady! I'm so digging the ruffle like that.

Also finished up these. Dashing Dach's Guppy. I am in looooove with Stallion Merino. I need more! *drooool*

Well we'll see you when we get there!

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