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Friday, October 17, 2008


The last custom from iCrave has been finished and sent out the door today! Western Sky Knits "Foxes" colorway (which I'm in loooooove with and will be knitting some of it up for my own little dude!) This is dyed by Kim on WSK's yummy BFL Rodeo yarn. Yummmm! So soft and a quick knit.

The lighting is a little better in the second picture, which I took yesterday. :)

Going forward from here will be interesting! I have 2 more weeks in our home before we move in with my in-laws for a time while we figure out where to go from here since MT fell through (sob!). Before moving (with all my spare time!) I hope to complete Nora and possibly one other custom - Sushi Sonnets or Ellowen. I still have to pack and with Mr. Dwell's crazy work schedule it's pretty much on my shoulders and the little dudes are better at scattering things rather than organizing. So thanks for baring with me!

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steph said...

OH how I wish I had gotten this one too...boo hiss...those are gorgeous - perfect combo you and Kim...