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Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Squash Blossoms"

What a cute name, "Squash Blossoms"! I just have to smile when I say it. This yarn was dyed by Candypants Yarn - what a neat colorway! Totally perfect for fall. This yarn was sent to me by a customer to knit up. Here I thought they could ship tomorrow - but shoot! It's Columbus Day! So they will go out first thing Tuesday for you mama!

I am having a time with my camera lens. It's the zoom lens and is sloooow - it's hard not to get a blurry shot - I think I want to try to reshoot these tomorrow since they can spend another day with me. My regular 35-55mm lens is in with Nikon being repaired. *cry* I should get it back in a couple more weeks. They said a month and it already feels like forever.

Well we'll see how productive I am the next few days. Mr. Dwell Wool is away fishing for a few days. He deserves the break (I guess...) so it's just me with the little dudes (and our monstrous man-eating dog if anyone is thinking about visting!) . The evenings are nice and quiet, which is lovely. I'm not being tortured with the usual barrage of sports every night that seem to ALWAYS be on. Not that I can't root for our home team, I'll jump on the bandwagon, but I'm not so much into the sports watching if I can help it. ;) Just me and Heroes tomorrow night. Can't wait!

What else? Oooh! I have to share how this lovely yarn is knitting up. This is Mosaic Moon's "Woodland Tale." I am loving seeing this take shape! I also cast on Western Sky Knits "Foxes" dyed by Kim. I'm going back down to continue working on it now! Thanks for being patient all you wonderful customers!

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