I am not accepting custom requests at this time. I will stock on Hyena Cart as I have openings available. 

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ummm, where did November go??

Today is the last day of November?!? What.on.earth. Who pressed fast forward? Seriously. I am SO in denial here.

Well I thought I'd have more done in the month of November. Moving has obviously slowed me down and I am really sorry to you mamas who are SO patiently waiting for your customs. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel though, so that is reasurring! However, I will not be taking on more customs for a while in order to get caught up here. I want to concentrate on stocking semi-customs and ready knits in my store and maybe even knit for myself *gasp!* and my family. I feel like I've stressed myself out with all the work on my plate right now. But doesn't that happen to us no matter what we have going on? If it isn't this, it'd be something else for me I think. ;)

I finished up a couple projects - Ammie - your Hadassah longies are dry and will ship out Monday. Here they are! I just enjoy knitting up yarn dyed by Lamar from A Time to Dye! What talent!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is the FUNNIEST!

Justin put Jackson down to bed tonight and the following conversation took place.

Jackson yawned.
Justin yawned.
Justin says, "Hey Jack, you just made me yawn! Did you know yawning is contagious?"
Jackson, "No it's not Dad. Yawn is made of wool!"

Clearly he spends a lot of time with his mama. I just love that! Oh, and we always thought Jackson spoke with a Boston accent...

Scrappy Dwell Longies on Black Friday!

I had so much fun doing the scrappy pants that I decided to offer a custom pair for sale on Black Friday. I have lots of leftovers - what better way to clear some of them up!

So check out my shop on Hyena Cart at 1 p.m. on Friday to grab them up!

Some finished projects

November is a busy month! As we're settling in I'm finding my groove. I'm not finding the same amount of time I once had, but I'm working on it! Forgive me for slowing down a little.

I finished up some gorgeous longies for some very patient mamas.

Sushi by Dyeing to Fly

Race Cars by Stitches Under the Sun

And lastly a pair of scrappy pants.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We made it in

Alrighty! Here I am! We successfully made the move! It's been a transistion this past week, that is one thing that is for certain. Sharing a home with another family has it's challenges, but we'll get into our groove soon. Daylight's savings couldn't have come at a worse weekend. I totally forgot it was the weekend we moved in. So the boys are all out of sorts with the time change and new home, but are doing well with going with the flow. It's me who needs to work on that! My nature is to be organized and I don't always deal so well with chaos. Please forgive me for customs slowing down. It's going to be a little rough here and there and I don't have the same time I did to knit before. I'll be online less too as the boys need more hand-holding around. But we'll get there! I'm just so thankful we have Justin's parents who opened their door to us so we didn't have to rush into a home that wouldn't have been right for us. We'll be able to really save money too which will be fantastic.

So right now I'm working on a few customs on the list. It's slow going but it's going. I promise. I have Dyeing to Fly's "Sushi Sonnets", Yarnoodles "Sushi" and Stitches Under the Sun "Little Cars" on the needles. I'm casting on a scrappy pair as well this weekend and will rotate throughout to get these all finished up. Sushi Sonnets is furthest along and I have a photo to share of them. They're a lot of fun!

One huge blessing about staying in this home is how beautiful it is here. The home is on an acre - a far cry from our townhouse! We go out on the deck in the morning and say hi to the birds and help to feed them. The boys are loving it and I am too. Here's Liam in his new scrappy pants I had done.