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Sunday, December 28, 2008

How's this for progress?

Have I not shared finished projects in this long??? Oh dear! Some of my favorite I've had the pleasure to knit are included in that past month or two here.

Some itty bitty scrappy pants.

For the generous mama who was the high bidder on the auction for Colleen of Spiffy Knits benefit. She won Western Sky Knits "Buckaroo" colorway. So much fun!

Finally finished these for Liam! It's Peace, Baby dyed by Western Sky Knits.

"Ella Elephants" for Kelly.

WWBN's "Coffee with Extra Cream" for Flip Skip Jump's Shannon in the most awesome trade ever! She did up a couple amazing art cases for Liam and Jackson which have proven to be a new favorite here. :)

Finally these fun girly scrappy pants for Heather.

Phew! So I'm plugging away still! I'm working on the legs for Buffy's boyish scrappy pants. Can't wait to share when they're done.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Our boys loved spending theirs at their Mimi and Poppy's. They were wrestled down the steps on Christmas morning and when they finally saw the tree and gifts their mouths dropped open. It was so fun!

Best wishes and many blessing for a healthy New Year! We'll be trekking down to my brother's in VA on Tuesday night through the weekend. I'll be bringing some fun knitting with me! Not to worry! ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sick camp

I'm sad to report that I've been slowed down a bit due to the sickies. Jackson has got bronchitis and Liam and I are sick now too. Even Justin is coughing. I'm sorry to report this and am grateful to you mamas who know just what it's like to care for babes while sick and keep things running.

Here's where I'm at with customs:
SL: Buckaroo shipped today
K: Your Ella Elephant longies are drying
L: Sushi is still in progress, thanks for your patience love! I'm about to begin the gusset
S: Waistband complete on Coffee with Extra Cream

H: girly scrappies
B: boy scrappies
Both of those will cast on this weekend and be worked on throughout next week. :)

I'm waiting on Foxes for you N and will let you know when it arrives.

C - your Mowie Wowie arrived in today's mail. Gorgeous! You got an email from me today.

V - after Christmas I'll begin your scrappies. :)

And L - I just emailed you about Granny Smith! :)

Is that everybody?? I hope! I'm taking this sicky to bed now. 'Night!