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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

blast from the past!

Who remembers Punky Brewster?! Ahh the good old 80's... I was completely thrilled when a customer of mine sent me the amazingly beautiful "Crayon" dyed by Elliebelly and asked me to style them like Punky! I am really excited with how these came out!

Elliebelly Crayon


On the homefront we're packing up the last of our things from my in-laws who so graciously opened their home to us these past four months. We created some great memories here and the boys will really miss living with Poppy, Mimi and Aunt Grace. Oh, and especially Finny the dog. I can't say I'll be missing him but Jackson said he'll miss the furball the most! We move in on Saturday so I'll be scarce for the next few days. See you when we get there!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dragon's and Foxes!

I'm loving the animal theme here!

This is Comfort Wool Co.'s "Run Fox Run." I just adore Teresa and she can dye up some wonderful colorways on the nicest yarn! I've had the pleasure of knitting this colorway 3 times now and I never grow tired of it! I'm just very thankful I have enough left to make some shorties for Liam with it! ;)

Comfort Wool Co. "Run Fox Run"

And here is Dragon's Lair dyed by Mosaic Moon. Another favorite colorway I've done before. It's dyed on BFL - one of my favorite yarns to knit! So smooth and silky.

Things are going well on the homefront here. We're clearing out the germies I am hoping. It's been a horrid winter for illness for us! Gaah! I can't wait for Spring. We're getting prepared for the move and I've gotten as many books on vegetable gardening as I could carry from the library. The only things on my mind these days - wool (a given any day) and seeds. ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a note about the waiting list and my move

I am just sitting down here going over who I have on my waiting list. I updated the list with everyone that I can find I had communication with. First - thank you so much for being so patient to want to wait for me to knit for you! I am beyond flattered! Secondly, I hope my list is correct. If you and I emailed back and forth and I promised you a spot, and you do not see your name on my list - please contact me at dwellwooknits[at]gmail.com. For the record, it is currently closed to taking on additions. I hate saying this, but I want to try to get away from keeping such a long waiting list. I feel like it weighs me down a wee bit and limits me from knitting instock stuff or working on things for my own family. I hope you understand. :) What I'll do once I go through this list is just take on 4 customs at a time in a given month. If I find I have time I can list some semi-custom or yymn's on my Hyena Cart to take on some more. :)

With our move coming up I'm going to have to put work on hold while I pack up and then unpack. We're moving Feb 28th and I'll probably slow down on work a couple weeks beforehand but then take a break for a couple weeks while we get organized. We have things in storage and things in our in-laws home so it's going to be crazy when we move in! It'll be fun seeing our things again though - and I know the kids are looking forward to seeing those missing toys we packed up. ;)

I think I'll get through the next 3 on my list until the move comes up. If you are after #4 and aren't able to wait, I'm so sorry! :( Shoot me an email and we'll talk.

Thank you!

Crunchy Apples!

I have had to restrain myself from taking a bite out of these! Ha! This is Dashing Dach's "Granny Smith" colorway. I knit them up in a size small with a matching Ky Baby Ear Cozy Hat for a trade with a great mama, Lindsay from Rainbow Waters. I can't wait to show you my half! It's my favorite fabric ever! You'll see. ;)

Lindsay, thank you for the awesome trade and I hope you enjoy this set!

Granny Smith


This past week was a little slower for me due to some sickies in the family. Again! Jackson had a high fever mid-week and passed it to Liam and then to me. Now we all have some sniffles and are little slower moving. Meh. I'm bummed I feel so crummy while it's just the most gorgeous day ever outside! Feels all springy outside!

We went to visit the new home we're going to be renting yesterday and I took some photos! I seriously can't wait! The location of this home is the highlight for me. There's a creek on the property and when you cross the bridge you come to a huge garden that will be full of all kinds of yummy veggies! The view is really gorgeous. This is silly but I'm looking forward to washing dishes in the sink and looking out over the fields and seeing horses grazing. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some more!

As promised here is the rest of my recent projects. As I type they are packaged up beside me and will be on their way tomorrow!

Woodland Tale on Rambouillet wool dyed by Mosaic Moon


This wool is very very interesting! It's nubby - like I literally feel like I'm knitting up a sheep as I knit! ;) Makes for a very squishy and warm finished project - but very lightweight feeling at the same time. Woodland Tale is one of my favorite colorways and I've got to actually knit some for Liam at some point I think! Oh - and funny story - I was working on it and my sister-in-law, Grace, noted that it reminded her of a woodsy story - with toadstools and all in the forest. How 'bout that Morwenna! I just love that this colorway talks and tells that story!

More Mosaic Moon here - "Spring Rainbow" dyed on Blue Faced Leicester. This is the custom that a mama bought from Universal Mama to have me knit up for her. After a few requests and much debate, I decided to purchase the license to knit Hudson Hats! I knit one for a friend as a gift and just loved it. So that will be fun to do - probably more next winter. I hope to maybe even get into a local shop with a few instock Hudson Hats. We'll see...

Anyway - photos right? Here's Spring Rainbow. :)
MM Spring Rainbow blog

In other unrelated news - we are moving - again! LOL - we found an apartment to move to from our in-laws who we've been staying with since November. It's on 3 1/2 acres with a creek, and a garden, and a campfire spot, and I could go on and on. I can't wait to show photos! We won't be moving in until sometime in March. We're all excited!

Sweet Little Babes

DSC_0032, originally uploaded by dwellwoolknits.

I have had a number of newborn items to knit this past month and oh myyyy goodness it's making my ovaries ache!!!

Here is "Emory" dyed by A Time To Dye, a gender neutral choice for one of the sweetest mamas I know! :)

I'll be back later with photos of the other projects that I'm completing.


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