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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crunchy Apples!

I have had to restrain myself from taking a bite out of these! Ha! This is Dashing Dach's "Granny Smith" colorway. I knit them up in a size small with a matching Ky Baby Ear Cozy Hat for a trade with a great mama, Lindsay from Rainbow Waters. I can't wait to show you my half! It's my favorite fabric ever! You'll see. ;)

Lindsay, thank you for the awesome trade and I hope you enjoy this set!

Granny Smith


This past week was a little slower for me due to some sickies in the family. Again! Jackson had a high fever mid-week and passed it to Liam and then to me. Now we all have some sniffles and are little slower moving. Meh. I'm bummed I feel so crummy while it's just the most gorgeous day ever outside! Feels all springy outside!

We went to visit the new home we're going to be renting yesterday and I took some photos! I seriously can't wait! The location of this home is the highlight for me. There's a creek on the property and when you cross the bridge you come to a huge garden that will be full of all kinds of yummy veggies! The view is really gorgeous. This is silly but I'm looking forward to washing dishes in the sink and looking out over the fields and seeing horses grazing. :)


C and C said...

Hey! Your new property looks great! Good to hear from you. Where are you guys anyway??

Aubrey said...

So pretty! Are you still in the Doylestown area?