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Monday, February 16, 2009

Dragon's and Foxes!

I'm loving the animal theme here!

This is Comfort Wool Co.'s "Run Fox Run." I just adore Teresa and she can dye up some wonderful colorways on the nicest yarn! I've had the pleasure of knitting this colorway 3 times now and I never grow tired of it! I'm just very thankful I have enough left to make some shorties for Liam with it! ;)

Comfort Wool Co. "Run Fox Run"

And here is Dragon's Lair dyed by Mosaic Moon. Another favorite colorway I've done before. It's dyed on BFL - one of my favorite yarns to knit! So smooth and silky.

Things are going well on the homefront here. We're clearing out the germies I am hoping. It's been a horrid winter for illness for us! Gaah! I can't wait for Spring. We're getting prepared for the move and I've gotten as many books on vegetable gardening as I could carry from the library. The only things on my mind these days - wool (a given any day) and seeds. ;)

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Christia said...

Seriously Andrea, I am constantly amazed at your talent! Everything you touch knits up absolutely perfectly!