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Sunday, February 8, 2009

a note about the waiting list and my move

I am just sitting down here going over who I have on my waiting list. I updated the list with everyone that I can find I had communication with. First - thank you so much for being so patient to want to wait for me to knit for you! I am beyond flattered! Secondly, I hope my list is correct. If you and I emailed back and forth and I promised you a spot, and you do not see your name on my list - please contact me at dwellwooknits[at]gmail.com. For the record, it is currently closed to taking on additions. I hate saying this, but I want to try to get away from keeping such a long waiting list. I feel like it weighs me down a wee bit and limits me from knitting instock stuff or working on things for my own family. I hope you understand. :) What I'll do once I go through this list is just take on 4 customs at a time in a given month. If I find I have time I can list some semi-custom or yymn's on my Hyena Cart to take on some more. :)

With our move coming up I'm going to have to put work on hold while I pack up and then unpack. We're moving Feb 28th and I'll probably slow down on work a couple weeks beforehand but then take a break for a couple weeks while we get organized. We have things in storage and things in our in-laws home so it's going to be crazy when we move in! It'll be fun seeing our things again though - and I know the kids are looking forward to seeing those missing toys we packed up. ;)

I think I'll get through the next 3 on my list until the move comes up. If you are after #4 and aren't able to wait, I'm so sorry! :( Shoot me an email and we'll talk.

Thank you!

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