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Sunday, March 22, 2009

not a lotta bloggin' for good reason!

You know why? Because I've been doing a lot of knitty knit knittin'!

I'm VERY excited about my stocking with Universal Mama tomorrow night. Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am that such a talented group of woman asked me to work with them creating hand-made products? *love* Well in celebration of the Vernal Equinox we are doing a super big special stocking on Monday night. Lots of new vendors to reveal and old favorites as well. Not sure where I fit in since I'm still kinda new and not so old - but either way, I hope you check it out at the very least.

Here is what Dwell Wool Knits has to offer:

A wonderfully girly collaberation with Cake. and Kukae and Mimi and Union Center Knits~

A pair of shorties dyed by Mosiac Moon in the "Gaia II" colorway on organic merino~

"Little Miss Sunshine" capris dyed by Wooly Wonders by Nada on Blue-Face Leicester wool~

A semi-custom knitting slot with Kim of Western Sky Knit's adorable "cheep, cheep" coloway~

And kinda last minute I decided to add a custom knitting slot for a pair of scrappy's sold by lottery. Fun! I will let the winner choose a Hudson Hat (which I'm now licensed to knit!) or a pair of scrappy woolies.

It's been fun planning this all out and I hope you have fun shopping! See ya there!


Michelle S. said...

that pink set is adorable! you have such great product pics. what do you use to take them? :)

Dwell Wool Knits said...

Oh thank you!

I use a Nikon D40. It's a great camera!