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Saturday, March 7, 2009


I really need to start documenting the wild things that come out of Jackson's mouth lately. This evening we were driving to a friends for dinner and Jackson suddenly recalled having a Curious George Tattoo on his hand - ya know, one of those wash off kinds. 

Jackson: Remember that tattoo I had one time Mom? 
Me: Yes Jack - that was cool huh? 
Justin: Would you ever want to get a real tattoo Jack, one that doesn't come off?
Jackson: Oh yeah. 
Me: What would it be? 
Jackson: Darth Vader.
Justin: Where would you get it?
Jackson: Right here. (pointing to the center of his forehead.) 

Ha! He might regret that someday! 


Comfort Wool said...

hysterical. kids crack me up!

Tillie'sMom said...

LMAO. He rocks.

kimsansf said...

well the little man knows what he wants!

heheheh ♥

Melissa said...

That is too funny! He might want to rethink that in the future...