I am not accepting custom requests at this time. I will stock on Hyena Cart as I have openings available. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

quick note

Just a quick note - I'm not sure the best way to handle this but for now, if you don't see your name on my list any more it is because I haven't heard back from you after 4 days. If you were away or something kept you from responding and you *do* in fact want your spot please email me and we will go from there.

Whoa summer?!

We've been enjoying the weather this weekend! It's gone from 60's to 80's in a matter of a day. Almost too much actually, as we've all retreated in from the heat now. I took out all of my yarn stash yesterday for a photo shoot and some airing out. I've decided, I don't have too much yarn. I don't have enough time! Ha! Every knitter and yarn hoarder relates to that.

If I could stop everything and just knit up these three colorways right now life would be good!

Got this recently, Sugarbubbies "Sand Castle." You might see it real soon knit up for a stocking! ;)
Sugar Bubbie

I re-skeined this Purewool Warm Ice. I am in love with it!

This I actually get to knit up soon. Selah's Neverland. I just want to make it a centerpiece on my table!

After I was finished shooting yarn I thought I'd take a few of the boys playing. Got a few cute ones of Liam!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Buckling Down

What perfect weather to grab a comfy seat and sit outside knitting while watching the kiddos! That's what I did this morning anyhow. We're enjoying the sun after enduring many rainy cold days here in PA.

So I'll be buckling down and working on the waiting list and a few surprise guest (and regular!) stockings coming up in the month of May. Keep you eyes out for rainbows, sunshine and sand castles! I am finishing up a couple current customs and will add some ruffles to a pair of capris and we'll be rolling.

I have emailed everyone on my waiting list to get things goings. Thank you so much, girls, for being patient as my family has endured a move and now a huge job shift for my husband. We're still not 100% settled in that regard. I posted about him finding a position - but sadly that is not working out to what he thought it would be. It just won't cut it. So he's hard at work going out on his own and picking up jobs where he can. If anyone needs some drafting/design work shoot me an email. ;) Anyway, the soonest you get back in touch with me and I have either your yarn in hand or if it's from my instock, the sooner I can get to work. Looking forward to it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A huge thanks and Happy Earth Day!

I wanted to send a HUGE thanks to all of my great friends who joined me in my store for my stocking on Monday. It was a tremendous success and I was overwhelmed at the awesomeness of everything! And thanks so much to you great customers who supported it. I know I can speak for everyone when I say we hope you enjoy your special purchase for a long time to come.

There are still a couple things remaining in stock and an auction running for a semi-custom knit by me using Elliebelly's luxurious yarn. The auctions ends tomorrow! I am excited to knit this up for the winner. There's enough to make shorties for now and a hat for later, a newborn set, or a pair of scrappy pants for the fall! >>Check it out!<<


It's Earth Day! How are you going to celebrate? We did our celebration a little early. Over the weekend with the gorgeous weather we had we decided to make some bird feeders out of old gallon milk jugs. The boys had a blast filling them up and helping hang them in their special spots. Jackson was cracking us up, saying, "I bet the birds will like mine better!" Little competitor. ha! A couple days later the birds found them and we're happy to report that they like each boys feeder equally, much to Jackson's dismay.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ya say it's your birthday!

Well, mine that is. ;)

My big party is coming together! The wonderful ladies I asked to join me have gone above and beyond. I am swooning over the wonderful things they have created and believe it or not there is STILL more in store to share! My store has never looked better. I have added more photos and some measurements to wool sets that have been previewing this week.

Here's a little summery of things that will be available for purchase on Monday at 2 p.m.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And now for the good news

Well you read some bad news recently in my previous post... Somebody sure is looking out for us. On Friday - Jusitn's "D-Day" of work he got a call from a tree service looking for fulltime help. He had stopped by and filled out an application right after he found out about his lay-off, thinking that would be an option for him as we went through this. We are really feeling blessed and so thankful right now. He started work on Monday and so far is really enjoying being out in the fresh air getting some exercise. I think he'll be better able to clear his head and then focus on finding a more permanent employment position. Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement and prayers. :)

While it's so awesome that Justin found a fulltime position we still won't be where we were before, so I will be trying to kick it into high gear with my knitting. Good news for you! ;) For the meanwhile I will be working through the rest of my waiting list. You mamas waiting are so very patient and I appreciate it! I've said before I wish I had 8 arms like an octopus so I could knit fast. But alas, I only have two. I do feel like I've been flying along with projects though. I'm working on a few things for my birthday stocking on 4/20. ;) Don't forget! Should I give you sneak peek? Ok. You twisted my arm. Here's a tiny peek...

Sorry that's all you'll see until it's complete and listed in my store! ;)

I also finished Laura's "Perfect Little Booties". They were a fun new challenge to knit. I've never done booties and found myself feeling all silly and fiddly working with my double pointed needles. (For you non-knitters that's using 4 needles at once, kind of chopstick sized). Justin said I looked dangerous as I was knitting them and kept his distance. Hah!

And as a set:

Also on the needles right now is Western Sky Knit's "Cheep, Cheep" from a semi-custom slot on Universal Mama and from my waiting list for Kim I have Sugar and Spice Knits "Maple Tree" working. They just need the other leg finished up. One last one - Sunrise Over Pikes Peak will get going here soon but after those I'll be taking a couple weeks to finish up things for my 4/20 stocking and hopefully get a pair of shorties for my own son done. :) Then I'll be back to the wait list folks. Thanks for your support mamas! *hugs*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not a fun surprise

There's no easy way to hear it. My husband found out he's being laid off. Friday, as in tomorrow, is his last day with the company he's worked hard for over the past 6 years. As stunned as we were, at the same time it wasn't a huge surprise. It's just such a horrible feeling to be in this situation. I am hopeful that this is a blessing in disguise and God has a bigger and better plan for Justin. I just pray that plan is revealed quickly. We're thankful he has some things to fall back on for a little extra help, and he's already been sending out resumes and making phone calls.

Me, on the other hand, have been very blessed by you all with lots to keep me busy with! Thank you for that!

So for a little pick me up here are some latest projects I've finished up. I just realized that all of them are colorways dyed by Mosaic Moon! Lucky me to get to knit all this up!

"Woodland Tale" shorties

I added a pocket to the Gaia II shorties that sold from Universal Mama last week. I think it just *completes* them!

These sweet little newborn sized longies dyed by Mosaic Moon in the colorway went along with big brother's Gaia II's.

And lastly for now here is "Lughnasagh" in a small set for a wonderful mama who will dress her foster babies in these woolies. I'm still working on the booties to go with this, so you'll have to deal with seeing it all again soon. ;)
In the works I have a few things going - a pair of scrappy pants that just need a drawstring and I'll be starting a pair of longies in Sugar and Spice Knits "Maple Tree." Yum!!