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Friday, April 24, 2009

Buckling Down

What perfect weather to grab a comfy seat and sit outside knitting while watching the kiddos! That's what I did this morning anyhow. We're enjoying the sun after enduring many rainy cold days here in PA.

So I'll be buckling down and working on the waiting list and a few surprise guest (and regular!) stockings coming up in the month of May. Keep you eyes out for rainbows, sunshine and sand castles! I am finishing up a couple current customs and will add some ruffles to a pair of capris and we'll be rolling.

I have emailed everyone on my waiting list to get things goings. Thank you so much, girls, for being patient as my family has endured a move and now a huge job shift for my husband. We're still not 100% settled in that regard. I posted about him finding a position - but sadly that is not working out to what he thought it would be. It just won't cut it. So he's hard at work going out on his own and picking up jobs where he can. If anyone needs some drafting/design work shoot me an email. ;) Anyway, the soonest you get back in touch with me and I have either your yarn in hand or if it's from my instock, the sooner I can get to work. Looking forward to it!

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