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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whoa summer?!

We've been enjoying the weather this weekend! It's gone from 60's to 80's in a matter of a day. Almost too much actually, as we've all retreated in from the heat now. I took out all of my yarn stash yesterday for a photo shoot and some airing out. I've decided, I don't have too much yarn. I don't have enough time! Ha! Every knitter and yarn hoarder relates to that.

If I could stop everything and just knit up these three colorways right now life would be good!

Got this recently, Sugarbubbies "Sand Castle." You might see it real soon knit up for a stocking! ;)
Sugar Bubbie

I re-skeined this Purewool Warm Ice. I am in love with it!

This I actually get to knit up soon. Selah's Neverland. I just want to make it a centerpiece on my table!

After I was finished shooting yarn I thought I'd take a few of the boys playing. Got a few cute ones of Liam!


kimsansf said...

oh andrea! I LOVE that last one of Liam ... soooo beautiful!

yummmm selah...

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