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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wanna see some WIPs?

I don't know how you Northwester's do it! Seriously, this is the 9th day in a row of consecutive rain. Sheesh!

We had a bitty break from the rain this afternoon so we ran out to the sloshy grass to play some baseball, blow on some dandelions and snap some photos of works in progress.

J's new found baseball passion. For a four year old he's pretty good! His team is the pirate's, as you can see from his pirate head thingy and his eye patch *worn in the center of his head up higher so he can see, of course.

Homerun hit!

Liam stuck to finding ants and dandelions. And don't mind his outfit ensemble. That is a team effort of daddy dressing him and Liam picking out his own clothes. He loves this retro cars shirt made by the awesome Nissi of Sapo Verde. Mama made his new shorties - colorway is Run Fox Run from Teresa at Comfort Wool Co. Love!

I won't forget the WIP I promised!

Here is something special I'm working on for sumthin' special. Heehee!

And we've got some Mosaic Moon "Treasure Map" and the lovely "Neverland" dyed by Selah. All this lovely color is keeping my spirits up while the weather is so gray. :)


Heather said...

Beautiful pictures. Liam looks adorable.

Gorgeous work, as always!

kimsansf said...

beautiful work andrea... and i think Jackson looks os much like yoU!

Jessica said...

Love the pictures. Megan is all about dressing herself and let me tell you sometimes it hurts my eys.