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Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Weekend

Hi all! I've been plugging away here getting lots done! In the mix of things life has been good. Jackson had his first soccer practice! It was *hilarious*. For his first time he did well I think. The funniest thing is that in the middle of their game a plane flew overhead and dropped some skydivers. There's a small airport near the field so there's a few planes that go overhead during the time there. Well - nothing stops a game faster than cool planes and skydivers! The all just suddenly stop and stare up, pointing into the sky. Hahaha! So much for focus. ;)

Jackson is in the white shirt - team shirts to come! We have another practice on Tuesday. So does this mean I'm now a soccer mom???

In knitty news I've been pretty productive! Yay! I can't help that I have had the most awesome yarn to work with. :)

Here is Western Sky Knits "Orson" in a pair of cool shorties for a mama. She sent the yarn and I am SO loving it! Need to get my hands on more of this colorway...

Finished a newborn set with Western Sky Knits "Choco Rainbow."

And just off the needles (and still drying) is Mosaic Moon's "Irish Meadows." Looove this colorway!

This week I'll be working on the Elliebelly/Cake collab with "Rebecca's Kitchen" and hope to be able to complete the scrappy soaker custom plus start a project from my waiting list so I'll be ready to take on some more customs next week. For those of you who have been trying to get a slot here's a chance to do so! On Monday next week I'll be stocking some "your yarn, my needles" and some customs from my stash! Ya heard it here first! ;)

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Christia said...

I always love your knitting, but that newborn set is absolutely adorable! LOVE!