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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dwell Wool Knits... and Silly Stripes?!

Yes! That is my surprise! (Which I meant to post yesterday but we're all sick as dogs so I have an excuse.)

Monica of Little Bear Knitwear asked me if I would be interested in becoming licensed to knit Silly Stripes™ for her store Silly Stripes Shoppe on Hyena Cart.

Let me think....

um, YES!

I'm excited to branch out in this direction. I won't be abandoning Dwell Wool Knits in any way. You will still see me stocking at Universal Mama and hopefully more in my DWK shop (if I ever catch up!)

So I'll be joining Aimee of Jade Gaia and Monica on the first of each month in the Silly Stripes Shoppe. Please won't you join us?

Here is a sampling of our offerings this month. Don't miss the stocking at 12 p.m. EST today!

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