I am not accepting custom requests at this time. I will stock on Hyena Cart as I have openings available. 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why hello there, how long have you been sitting here waiting?

This poor blog has been all but forgotten! Remember when I posted we were sick early in November? Well it turned into all of November. The poor kidlets came down with pneumonia after the flu. Then December of course was much too busy to sit down and blog. And well, now it's a new year, we have more sickness, but I just can't let a whole week pass before updating this poor lonely blog!

So what will you expect from Dwell in 2010? Hmmm... Good question me. I plan to offer custom slots through Hyena Cart, whether it's in my store or through Universal Mama... and Silly Stripes will be available on the first of each month at the Silly Stripes Shoppe. I apologize that I won't be able to take custom requests via email. That's always been something that pains me, to say no to requests. I am SO grateful for my wonderful customers and to those who want to be my customer. I really hate to turn requests away. It's the most manageable thing for me though, to organize it through my store. I feel such weight when I have a lengthy list dangling from my conscience. I hope to be able to accommodate more by working it in this manner. I'm thankful for your understanding!

Well here's some of my favorites that I haven't gotten to share with you!

This upcoming month I'll be working on customs and semi-customs and in February you can expect a special newborn stocking at Universal Mama. :) Enjoy!