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Monday, March 1, 2010

Bad Habits

I have gotten in to a bad habit of not blogging, haven't I? I'm sorry!! Time management is always a challenge for a WAHM I think. At least speaking for myself it is. I just cannot find enough hours in the day to do all I'd like to.

To say the least I've been very busy. I had a very unique opportunity to test knit a design by Carina of Sweet Mama Small Sugar. If you know who she is you know she's one talented mama! She has a design for a knit romper that is just the cutest thing! There will be two versions and I got to knit the second version with buttons. Check this out!

Sweet Mama Small Sugar Romper

So cute right??! I'll be taking new pictures when I have better lighting - it's all washed out looking. Oh, and the buttons! They just make this romper! If you haven't shopped from The Button Shop yet, you really should scoot over there. Tessa Ann makes some adorable buttons! She's stocks at Universal Mama too. ;)

So a shop update... Custom requests via email are still closed. Due to that time management issue I mentioned... I am seeking a balance of doing instock and listing customs or semi-custom. I have some special guest spots coming up as well that I want to fit in and I've been falling a bit behind after some more sickies we've struggled through here as well. So thank you for your patience to those of you who are waiting for your woolies to be completed!

I do keep an up to date custom list over at my Dwell Wool Knits shop. If you go over there click on "Current Customs" or just click here. :) What do you think, how does that work out? Would you prefer seeing a customs status on the blog here? Or keep a list at both? I just want it to be easy to see where you are at on the list as I work through my customs. :)

Oh, before I forget, I am doing a couple stockings this month you won't want to miss! Tonight at Universal Mamathey'll be starting their engines featuring a "Vrroom" theme. I am stocking a semi-custom with Western Sky Knits "Retro Cars" yarn kettle dyed on Mountain Meadow Wool. Have you tried that wool yet? Gosh it's pretty awesome. Very hard wearing - and I even understand it's machine washable. (though I'd do hand wash for sure if you try!)

On March 6th you have got to come over to Bugsnugger where a party is going on. I've been invited to guest and am finishing up the details on a very cute newborn set. :)

See you all!

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