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Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainy day woes

I should title it rainy weekend actually! We've had something like 4 inches of rain since Friday! Goodness. We lost power on Saturday early evening and much to our dismay it didn't return until Sunday later evening. That was not so fun! Fortunately we have family close by and went over to Mimi and Poppy's for the day on Sunday. Jackson seems to be coming down with cold (as am I with a sore throat here, oh no!). After such a rough and sick winter I have so been looking forward to spring and getting outside, so getting sick again is not exactly what I had in mind. We've got some 60 degree days too which I would hope to be out enjoying. Hopefully the colds will be short lived.

I got myself a new look this weekend! Check me out~

Photo on 2010-03-12 at 23.12

I've always wanted my nose pierced but never got around to it. My husband got me a gift certificate for Valentine's Day... He never goes with anything one would expect! ;) I've been talking about doing it for years, so now I didn't have an excuse. It turned into a sister-in-law even as two of my sis's came with and we all got it done. It was fun! I like it - doesn't hurt a bit!

So I'm sure you want to now about knitting right? ;) Things are coming along! I finished the Leonardo DiCapris (as they've been dubbed!) I'm happy with how they came out and they are on the way to their new owner if not already in their hands.

Dwell Wool Knits "Leonardo"

I had a stocking with For Crying Out Loud on Friday last week for a collaboration with one of Teresa's "Wub Wool" tops. We shipped separately so I don't have a shot of the set together, so you'll have to use your imagination. Here are the Mosaic Moon board shorts I knit up though!

WUB WOOL collab with FCOL

On the needles currently is a newborn set I'm knitting with Mosaic Moon's Seadragon. I'll have some shots to take of my progress soon!

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